Our Favorite Seasonal Flavors...

Our staff at the Rochester Inn agrees...autumn is absolutely our favorite season at the Inn.  Even before the temperatures begin to drop, we begin dreaming of the savory & luscious scents & flavors of fall that we love to fill the Inn with.  Although our autumn season was a short one this year, we are still savoring these last few weeks before Thanksgiving arrives & the holiday season begins in earnest.

From pumpkin breads to soft & spicy ginger snaps, the culinary delights this time of year are endless!  One of our guests' favorite breakfast recipes, carried on from the prior Innkeepers at the Rochester Inn, is our Cinnamon & Almond-Crusted French Toast.  Simply whisk a bit of real almond extract into your French toast batter, then, in a separate dish, prepare a mixture of equal parts cinnamon & sugar.  Dip a slice of thick & crusty bread into the batter first, then into the cinnamon & sugar, & finally, into finely-chopped almonds before toasting on both sides in the griddle.  Don't forget the real Wisconsin maple syrup (we serve Little Man syrup from the Wisconsin northwoods) as your finishing touch!


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